Quality Policy & Objective

Quality Policy

Conformance Coatings & Prototype Inc. is fully committed to
the continuous improvement and advancement of our business
through achieving absolute customer satisfaction by offering
high quality standards and reliable, stable, and on-time
delivery. As a team effort, the employees at CCP, Inc. apply
our quality policy in the work we perform on a daily basis.


Quality Objective

Defect free products that are measured in external and internal PPM and analysis Corrective Action, including root cause assessment. All First Run capable products have inherent defects. Our PPM goals are: 25000 PPM Target (External-Customer) – 4000 PPM target (Internal) CCP strives for Exceeding Customer Expectation using measured surveys, customer complaint analysis, and customer feedback. Our customers request a rating of 4 or higher at CCP. Timeliness is measured in monthly finished-product on-time delivery schedules. Continual Improvement gets measured in improvement plan progress reports and published results of Internal Quality Audits on a weekly basis.

Quality Certification

Conformance Coatings & Prototype is please to announce our latest quality certification, ISO 9001:2015.